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ERSEA Supervisor

Posted: 03/10/2023

POSITION SUMMARY: Supervisory position that is responsible for overseeing Family Advocates role within the ERSEA service area up to and including Family Services.  

  • Oversees and supervises the activities of employees that are responsible for ERSEA and Family Services.
  • Supports the completion of applications, parent interviews, and the waitlisting process.  Monitors eligibility applications, waitlist regularly, and attendance for programs. 
  • Schedules, facilitates and documents Monthly Caseload Reviews with staff in accordance with procedures and ensures follow up is complete.
  • Provides case management to support staff in identifying needs and goals of families when needed. 
  • Monitors compliance with all child health requirements to ensure notification of expired immunizations and physicals are being sent to families at a 60-day, 30 day and 14-day interval. 
  • Completes eligibility applications for staff, staff relative’s and friend’s children. 
  • Monitors documentation of all aspects of the case management process in
  • Prepares and presents family outcome data during Outcome Summits.
  • Supports ERSEA Manager in the hiring process and develops the onboarding training plan for all new Family Advocates. 
  • Ensures that new team members receive employee training and follow up within the first 30 days of hire. 
  • Completes and presents performance evaluations with subordinates as needed, but at a minimum of every 12 months.  
  • Assures accuracy and approves subordinates timecards and submits documentation to Human Resources and Finance.
  • Updates all staff files on Child Plus and ensures DCF and all required training is completed annually. 
  • Disseminates local, state, federal and agency information to subordinates as needed.
  • Collaborates with ERSEA leadership to develop and implement the annual training plan, including pre-service, in-service, T/TA and ongoing workshops. 
  • Supports subordinates in coordinating, preparing and actively participating in the Parent Family and Community Engagement Experiences. Is an active participant in parent events as requested.
  • Collaborates with the Family Advocate; Parent, Family and Community Engagement Committee and Family Services Coordinator to ensure that parent/male engagement and parent activities occur at the centers monthly.
  • Works collaboratively with center staff to promote and review family success stories to be submitted monthly to the ERSEA Manager.  
  • Submits reports, documents, and files as directed. Meets monthly with the ERSEA Manager to discuss outcomes from reports.
  • Attends and actively participates in training programs, staff meetings, and other meeting/trainings.
  • Acts as an advocate and role model for Head Start/Early Head Start families.  
  • Attends and actively participates in training programs, staff meetings, and other meeting/trainings.
  • Maintains confidentiality in all aspects of client, staff and agency information.
  • Maintains effective working interaction with coworkers and outside contacts that will enhance the operation of Head Start/Early Head Start program.
  • Organizes and prioritizes all assignments as directed.
  • Participates in regular safety, storm and fire drills.
  • Uses and follows federal, state and local regulations/laws, including the Head Start/Early Head Start Performance Standards, applicable transmittal notices, and other administrative orders/directions.
  • Participates in community Activities that enhance Head Start/Early Head Start programs as directed. 
  • Participates in ongoing monitoring, Community Assessment and Self-Assessment and performs reasonable related functions. Uses and follows the policies/procedures of Mid Florida Community Services, Inc., including but not limited to Personnel Policies, Occupational Health and Safety policies, payroll policies/practices, etc.
  • Ensure documentation standards in ChildPlus are met as required by Program.
Performs any additional duties as directed or assigned by supervisor, management staff, program director or Mid Florida Community Services, Inc. management staff. This description is intended to convey information essential to understanding the scope of the position and is not intended to be an exhaustive list of skills, efforts, duties, responsibilities, or working conditions associated with the position.
Education: Minimum of a Bachelor degree in Social Services, Sociology, Human Services, Humanities or Psychology. Employee will obtain certification in First Aid/CPR.  Within 90 days of employment must begin at least one of the DCF Child Care training courses listed in S.402.305 (2) (d), Florida Statutes. Within eighteen (18) months of hire   will complete Head Start/Early Head Start required certification training hours.  Employee must complete the Head Start/Early Head Start mandated 55 hours of Florida DCF Child Care Training as outlined in the Family Advocate Career Advancement Criteria. Employee will obtain certification in ERSEA within 1 year of hire date and will maintain annually thereafter.
Experience: 1–2-year supervisory experience required. 3 years preferred.
Licenses & Certifications: Valid Florida driver’s license and be insurable by Company’s current carrier.  Subject to Federal, State and Local legal requirements/background checks/clearance for working with children.  First Aid and CPR certified.
Physical Requirements: These physical demands are representative of the physical requirements necessary for an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the position.  Sitting, standing for long periods of time, use of fingers, arms, hands and legs and voice/talking are constant.  Good eyesight (correctable) and hearing (correctable) are essential.  Squatting, walking, handling, grasping, stretching/reaching, bending at the waist and light lifting and/or carrying (up to 15lbs) are frequent.  Pushing, pulling, kneeling, balancing, turning, feeling, medium lifting, and/or carrying (up to 30lbs), and driving are occasional.
Equipment: Instructional materials and supplies, playground equipment, computer, multi-line phone and other small office and equipment and vehicle.
Skills & Expertise: Ability to arrive to work daily and on time. Ability to work with limited direction.  Knowledge of organization methods. Skill in completing work with a high degree of accuracy. Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing. Ability to establish effective working relationships with people, particularly parents and children. Ability to analyze and interpret data and human/family needs.  Ability to use and operate a personal computer. Ability to work with children. Knowledge of early childhood issues. Ability to maintain child and parent confidentiality. Ability to be reliable, responsible and accountable to job requirements. Ability to pass a competency exam with a minimum satisfactory score. (Satisfactory core to be defined by MFCS administration). Knowledge of community and community programs/resources.
Job Location: Primary location is the Head Start/Early Head Start facilities in Hernando, Sumter and Volusia counties. Travel within these three counties is typical with overnight stays. Occasional travel to other counties.
Work Environment:  While performing the responsibilities of the position, these work environment characteristics are representative of the environment the employee will encounter. Office environment and working alone and with others frequently. Working with office equipment is frequent. Occasionally outdoors and operates a vehicle.

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